Why sell with Stephenson Realty & Auction?

Stephenson Realty & Auction specializes in problem solving for families and businesses by assisting in selling assets for the maximum dollar amount. Stephenson Realty & Auction continues to lead the industry in Tennessee through study of the current market conditions, as well as advanced marketing techniques.

What we bring to you:

Access to cutting edge marketing tools

These tools are designed to grow based off your specific marketing campaign through feedback and responses from potential buyers.

Custom reach to targeted buyers for your assets

Stephenson Realty & Auction can reach up to 1-million customers

Leverage our leadership

Stephenson Realty & Auction has a specially trained staff to lead you through the entire sale process.

We Help You Sell...

Real Estate - Licensed Realtors with Stephenson Realty & Auction (865) 457-BEAR, can sell your residential, commercial property, or land for fair market value on the day you choose.

Business Assets -Whether you want to sell a single asset or liquidate your business, we help streamline the process to get the best results.

Estate Property -Selling the contents of an entire estate can be an overwhelming task.  Stephenson Realty & Auction will lead you through this process with our experienced team.