Hello Bear.  This is John and Kathy Buckingham.  You don’t know us, but we sure do know you and all of the wonderful work you do for local nonprofits. We attended VMC’s Wine and Shine event and marveled at how you worked the crowd raising lots of money for a cause we have supported for many years.  Then, just two weeks later, we saw your handiwork at the Keys Fillauer event.   We have supported the Ronald McDonald House since 1981 when John joined a planning group that ultimately resulted in the wonderful house we have been involved with all these years.  We wanted to thank you last Saturday, but we missed you after the event.  So, we contacted your buddy Sam Venable and he gave us this number.  Thank you so much for your generous service to these two nonprofits we love so much, and for the service you give to countless other local causes.  

John and Kathy Buckingham.

Thanks Bear, your support for us means more than you know.  I'm proud to have you front and center with an event like this!